Joint Health Promotion


Greetings from the President

Japan is a country where people are bedridden.
Do you know about this surprising situation in Japan?

In a research presentation at the Orthopedic Association of Japan in 2008, it was announced that "Japan has 47 million people with locomotive syndrome, a reserve army of people who will become bedridden in the future.
As a judo therapist and osteopath, I am involved in the health of more than 300,000 people by 2022, and after researching human body care methods from various perspectives when submitting a research paper to the United States, I realized that the key to why and how to stop people from becoming bedridden lies in the "joints.

The world is full of information that focuses on muscle care and muscles, but the world has already achieved a certain amount of success with muscles, so now they are focusing on joints and implementing research and care. Japan is more than 10 years behind the United States.

In the age of 100-year healthy life expectancy, we focus on "joints," which are a major factor that hinders your health, and disseminate the knowledge we have gathered from our own experience and research from all over the world.
We will protect as many joints as possible and support a Japan full of bedridden people.

In addition, we will work with people suffering from joint problems around the world using the most advanced knowledge and technology in the world.